Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Prayers

Had a long chat with pork ribs just now, was a really meaningful conversation. But the highlight was her current relationship with her boyfriend. It is very ironic for me to talk about this because I like her alot. While I was praying to god, I somehow got inspired to know the true meaning of love. If you love someone, you would want that person to be happy, I want my pork ribs to be happy too.

Pork Rib's boyfriend aint that bad either, he has done alot of things than a 19 year old me do not have the ability to do so, this is what i really regretted. He helped pork ribs in her driving tests, helped her family during difficulties, staying faithful to her all these long and loving her so much. I guess i could only do so little yet he is able to do so much. I am small.

I even included in my prayers to bless her boyfriend to be more understanding and to have a better temper and to ble able to cherish her more. Most importantly do not be complacent at all times. Am I really silly? No, I want her to be happy and I think He is not a bad guy afterall, although I know he hates me alot.

I had did what i can do pork ribs, I had reached my maximum capacity for the current moment. Heart-broken is inevitable but perhaps God has another path for me to go.

I will miss my pork ribs. :)

It will never be the same again.

Things will change gradually.

Lancaster praised Jesus at 3:02 AM

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Singhapore Idie"

This is a special report written by Lancaster Lee.

Good evening ladies and gentlement, welcome to this special segment of the news. The winner of the 2nd season Singapore Idol has been revealed and its none other than Mr Hady Mirza. (Isn't him similar to taufik batisah?)

Ladies and gentlement, please listen this carefully. I am not against malay or any other races but i feel Jonathan Leong would be a better Singapore Idol. Why? Below are the reasons:

1) Jonathan Leong can enter the malaysia, china, hong kong, taiwan and local music industry given his langauge ability and breath taking looks.

2) Jonathan can pose with hot babes and drink alcohol or smoke in his MTV.

3) Its time for a rocker to win than a crooner, any pleas from rock fans?

One of the judges said the journey has just begun for the top two finalist but u know what, the journey has ended for him because there will not be any season 3.

No worries, I will look forward to Channel U's Project Superstar and console myself.

Lancaster praised Jesus at 2:22 AM

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Work Work Work

I am suppose to have my 11 weeks semester holiday now, but guess what?

I am working very hard at my part time job.

Recap to those who do not know what i work as, i simply do billing control for Starhub Limited. Has been doing overtime since the past week, going home around 8pm,9pm and 10pm instead of the usual knock-off time of 6pm. Went back during saturdays too, and intending to go back on sunday too.You guys must be thinking that I have no life, but i would want to make full use of my holidays to make my bank more obese which is now clearly underweight.

Because of work, I have to miss Poly forum and soccer with Xin Hao, Jeff, Xiang Long and Ash. Would make it up to you guys next time ok, please forgive me.

Church has been fun, and i got to know my caregroup people better and better, today went out with them and we talk alot of nonsense regarding cows, robin's email marketing notes and etc.
But going out with them was tiring, walked from cuppage plaza to cine, then to wisma then to plaza singapore. My legs are really aching, would like to reward myself a warm water soak soon.

The funny thing is during service, the tertiary worship group leader asked us to go to another group to hug somebody else, although i am in nyp ( i somehow got into the tp group), I went over to nyp group to find lester and hug him. Then he keep introducing me to his group members as the president of sbm club (so pai sei lar), then alot of them know me but i do not know them, Sorry guys! Will try my best next time to get to know all of you better.

Went out with my pork ribs aka cow too, acompanied her to shop the whole of far east plaza, wisma and taka. I would like to say its really challenging! Shoes are really her favourite because she would enter any shop which sells shoes then in the end she didin't buy anything and eventually brought the one she had first on mind. We had fun in the trip don't we? We shall plan for next time to go together when you and me get our pay! She brought a sexy brown top (woah), haha when can you wear to show me? I hope soon.

Been listening to come on holy spirit by city harvest church, its nice and its on cross disc 2. Listen if you have it.

Lancaster praised Jesus at 2:26 AM

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Love is all about making another person you love happy

When you told me what happened last sunday, I was so furious and wanted to bash him up and fuck his car. Perhaps my calm tone had helped covered up my anger. At that moment, what I could think of is to find you straight away.

You told me one night you broke off clean with him, I felt very relive and happy but i knew this feeling will not last for long as I know you are still not prepared to let him go. I feel kind of sour but is powerless.

My final words are, I would always be here for you if the same incident were to happen again and I help to share your woes. I would also DEFINATELY hope that you will slowly let go of him. You will be happier, trust me.

*Forgiving him this time round would further make him even more complacent in the future. Think about it.

Lancaster praised Jesus at 1:25 AM

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Business Life Ministry

I begin to like my work at commonwealth as times went pass. The people there are also a bunch of very fun peeps and always make life there a degree higher funnier.

Went out for dinner with deborah after her first day of work. We ordered quite moderately, a large plate of hot spicy tofu, chicken wings, stingray and sugar cane drink. (compared very little already compared to what qamarul had ate at east coast park).

On wednesday, went to work at 8.30am and knock off at 7.45pm. Went to Business Life Minsitry Straight away. Today, we had learnt from a experience businessman kelvin how to do short term and low capital business. It really gives me a better insight of doing business. Those interested in knowing more can always contact me. It is held once every month and organised by Hope Church Singapore.

* I can assure you made the right choice, god will bless you.

Lancaster praised Jesus at 2:00 AM

Monday, September 18, 2006


I am having my final semester pre holidays and I should be enjoying myself but guess what I am doing now? I found a job working at Starhub Limited in their risk management and bill controls department. My job is to simply do analysis and check bills to ensure the accuracy of the bills that the system had generated. Been working 7 days a week this the past week, went back to work on saturday and sunday as well!

Deborah also starting her work soon as a retail assistant at raffles shopping centre, all the luck to her. :) ( Soak your feet in hot water, if your feet hurts, it helps!)

Been listening to Lee Sheng Jie's Yan Di Xin Kong, I feel the song is very nicely written!

Talking about IMF, IMF in fact have not bothered me alot and I didin't know why those social acitivist want to take so much attention of the current event. See lar, the 3 millions smiles campaign fail lor, they didin't trained our friendly police officers to smile more to the acitivitst!

Been reading the news too about Pope benedict making some comments. I think all of us should forgive him as he has already made an official apology and affected nations should take it into their stride. A pope apologizing is not easy, it takes lots of courage as the whole world is watching you!

To end off my this entry, would like to tell you all a story. I have a friend call Amber. She has a boyfriend name Ricardo. One day, Amber wanted to shop for a pants for her work the next day, but Ricardo refuses to accompany her because his favourite team liverpool fc is playing very soon. And so, he dumps her at woodlands and he went home to watch soccer.


Amber must have felt very upset and disappointed with Ricardo, but always remember, amber you have your friends with you and we will share your woes. :)


Lancaster praised Jesus at 12:57 AM

Friday, September 15, 2006

Where is my 5-star hainanese chicken rice?

I am at my working place now and we ordered chicken rice for lunch because its raining heavily outside. I waited and waited and it only arrived at 1.46pm. Waited since 12pm. Haha, going to die of hunger.

Have so many scripts to complete at work. Need to hurry or else, overtime is inevitable. Haha

Yeah, my chicken rice come already! I going to rush to the pantry.

Someone is sleeping more soundly i guess because its raining!

Lancaster praised Jesus at 1:49 PM

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Working at Starhub

Been transfered from the Starhub Cuppage branch to Starhub Haw Par Technopark branch. Really missed the 1 week I was at Cuppage with so many friends there chit chatting and enduring my singing. Just pray that I would have a chance to go back to Cuppage to work with those guys at least once again.

Life at Haw Par Technopark Branch ( Located at Commonwealth) is an additional 15 mins to my travelling time. But things do not always turn out so bad, I have a computer to myself, nice office, free food in the pantry, sometimes got kero-pok man coming to sell stuffs, and also nice supervisors!

My holidays seems are work-filled yet enriching one and I will work hard to learn as much as I could.

Have to work overtime most of the time which means I have lesser time for my cow! Hope you understand, and if I am free, I bring you to eat pork ribs at cartel right? Meanwhile, please save up for your own good ok.

Lancaster praised Jesus at 12:16 AM


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