Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally done!

Finally completed my teaching for this sunday's caregroup and also another teaching for my next core team meet.

Mentally tired now.

Lancaster praised Jesus at 1:04 AM

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Got the Job at IRAS

I want to dedicate my current entry to God. Because I have been starting to look for a job like 1 1/2 months ago and I got very few offers. Some offers are really low that it would not be very productive of me to take on that job as I have to support myself financially and also to support my university fees.

I really prayed to God for a job that can see me thru this stage of my life station comfortably and he really answered my prayer and gave me a job at iras.

The offer just came in too timely. Can't be a concidence, it can be only God.

Thank God for such a blessing. Now I can support myself and add on to your kingdom.

Service Ytd was supberb! The drama team did another wonderful job!

Jin Peng came to service and got to share with him more about Jesus. After dinner, played 4 hours of Left 4 Dead with him! Haha, this session really opened him up and I am able to chat with him on more areas. I think this is definately fruitful and productive. Haha.

Got to clean up the house and hang my clothes already. Haha

Lancaster praised Jesus at 2:52 PM

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hectic Week

Had a hectic week as I am in camp for my stocktake preparation and there are alot of things to be done.

Recently, found out my mum has been serving as a those people who would follow up with the new believer after altercall. (Dont know what is that called), but really proud of her!

Ytd's corporate prayer meeting is really refreshing as I sang and prayed until my throat was really dry.

Hope I will get the Job at IRAS.

-Blogging like twitter style-

Lancaster praised Jesus at 9:53 AM

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Brought the book twilight!

After watching the movie twilight, i wanted to find out more about the story from the book therefore i wanted to go to a bookshop to buy that book.

However, i cast upon a second hand book store at plaza sing during dinner and i brought it at $12.50 and have the chance to sell it back to the store at $7 if I can complete it within a month. Helps me to save alot of money.


Lancaster praised Jesus at 11:42 PM


Haha, just watched the movie twilight and now i know how come it attracted so many people to it.

I am the newest member of this attaction too. Haha.

Lancaster praised Jesus at 4:11 AM

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Happenings Recently

I am really Glad that God is blessing my caregroup and unit so so so much. Yesterday I witness lionel's friend - Charles, cross the line of salvation. Thank God for your blessing and we really honor you with all that you had blessed us.

I can feel the evangelistic engine in my people are moving and they are sharing the burden that stays with me for quite some time already, the burden of wanting more people to come to know who Christ is. There is a definition of evangelism which states - It means sharing the gospel with people yet to know Christ and yet leaving the results to God.

Caregroup was really great as we continue to build on our identity that we never had before! Thank God for using me as your vessel to build your kingdom.

Recently, there have been so many events going on here and there and I realise, I havent have a personal time lately to really relax myself and to reset my personal objectives. I really hope I can do this sometime very soon.

On MayDay, Roy,Yi Heng, Qamarul and I went to take part in the l4D competition organised by youth DNA and we lost at the semi finals. Although we didint win, but this competition gave me a opportunity to bond with my buddy Qamarul and also to know Roy and Yi Heng even better. It is indeed a blessing in disguise.

Today, had a fruitful core team meet with Roy and Donovan and we dicussed alot of stuffs regarding the caregroup and I always like to hear alot from them and they indeed gave me alot of valuable and good feedback! Thanks Guys! Lets me TNSB2 a caregroup for Christ!

Lancaster praised Jesus at 8:07 PM


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