Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

Went to steamboat dinner at Chinatown's Chongqing lao hou gou on christmas eve with TNS guys and NP guys. Total is 24 or 25 of us man, we occupied almost half of the place. Haha, the good thing is that the guys enjoyed the dinner and we share our testiomonials to conclude this year and last but not least the gift exchange thingy. Haha, my the gift exchange I got was a box of chocolates and I want to thank my shepherd Raymond for giving me the book by john c maxwell, thank you!

When was taking 7n back home and it went past orchard road, I saw the whole street was badly littered all around with plastic bags, used spray cans and etc. The condition was really bad, suddenly, I can't help but feel a sense of shame and sadness to those fellow singaporeans who contributed to all these. I mean, each and everyone of us should be responsble for our own litter and if everyone can have such a mindset, then we can have a cleaner environment. I mean, six years of education and most people would went through their secondary and tertiary education and this kind of behaviour is the end product? Those foreign workers who came to singapore to work and thinking Singapore is a well cultured society then I feel that we have proved them wrong man. I pity the cleaners on duty today cleaning orchard road.....

We should ban spray cans really...

Lancaster praised Jesus at 4:25 PM

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Natalie Tong

I watched a few drama serials whom she acted in and she is pretty. Haha

Lancaster praised Jesus at 10:25 PM

Monday, December 17, 2007

Six months Flashback

Haha, Six Months passed in a flash and I had passed out from BMTC last wednesday and it is truly a unregretable experience. I want to thank all my bunk mate for providing all the support to me during this six months and also not forgetting the commanders who imparting with the basic knowledge to us. Thank you all!

Aside from army, I also learnt to know more about myself during army. I know that there are still alot of aspects in my life I ought to improve on and I thank God for his plan that made me possible to reflect on all these points. I must continue to adapt a learning posture in God's kingdom so that I can continue to grow.

I admit, there are times whereby I feeling spiritually low because of my caregroup partially due to some issues. The reason I reflected on why I was affected is because this is my first time exposed to such a situation and really, I do not know how to react. If you guys are wondering what problem it is, ok lah, I will reveal. Some of my church brothers who just received salvation through Christ started not to come church. This truly affected me because I am the one responsible for their spiritual growth and yet such a thing happen. I often ask myself, do I have a problem with myself? Whats wrong with me? Why am I the common factor? I just don't understand? I came to realise, somethings just can't be help and what I can do now is to seek remedy d I pray to God he would bless me a miracle on regard to the status of these two brothers as I hope to bring them back in your kingdom oh God. Grant me the right words so that I can speak to them and enlighten them as much as I can. Thank God, Thank God, Thank God!

I will never fail to thank my spiritual shepherd Raymond and spiritual sheep Kan Yi. You two play a important part in my spiritual family as well. You two encouraged me by standing by my side and encouraging me when I need it the most. For this, I am very grateful and may God bless you two in all your undertakings too! God bless you two!

I have another prayer to oh God, I want to invite more friends to church o God. Do bless me with the opportunity and correct words and everything essential so that I can bring them to church. I really want to do this for you God! I want to save more souls for you God!

2007 is ending and 2008 is beginning, I do pray for a new journey into the new year and may the church continue to grow and grow and grow.

Here are some pictures that I want to show you guys on the happenings in my life.

Myself and Kan Yi enjoying the rochor tau huay after service.

Qamarul driving me around in his father's toyota wish and we did had a great night out! Hooray!

Some people from my caregroup: Myself, Dion and Raymond. Taking photos at Orchard MRT Station before our caregroup outing. Haha

A night to remember! Razil ( the guitarist) and I performing a song "when you say nothing at all" infront of our company. Wonderful!

Lancaster praised Jesus at 12:54 AM


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