Friday, May 25, 2007

Closure of UNSW Singapore Campus

UNSW Singapore Campus Closing Down!

Haha, I was personally shocked and upset upon hearing the University's Singapore Campus to be shutting down by June. Singapore came a long way here and it just took awhile for such things to happen.

The closure of UNSW asia also means the increase demand level of places in local universities making it tougher to get entry. This would affect me considering I am those borderline cases for local universities applicants.

Working at parkway parade area is fantastic, because you get to try all the good food here at the hawker. Below is the list of must try:

1) Char Kway Teow ( Throw away those dry char kway teows, this one is slurpy) : $3
2) Lau Pa Sat Kway Chap ( Additional 30 cents for the noodles/rice, very nice soup) : $3
3) Serinbum Beef Noodles ( Contemporary beef noodles, tender meat and darker sauce) :$3
4) Ayam Penyat (Hammer chicken, meat taste tender and easy to bite) : $3.50
5) Pontian Wanton Noodles (Noodles very tenderlicious, crispy dumplings) : $2.50
6) Chinese Nasi Lemak (Rice extremely fragrant yet they add less coconut milk) : $2.00 to -
7) Xing Long Cooked Food (Best Chap Chai peng I ever tried!) : $3.50 to -

This seven are the must tries at the marine parade hawker centre and Lancaster the Food detective will be back with more photos.

Lancaster praised Jesus at 10:13 AM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Vineyard Man

Finish this korean drama in 7 Hours. Haha, thats the way I watch dramas. Really nice, the story is about a girl Yoon Eun Hye (Princess Hours) being told by his distant relative if she were to work in the vineyard for 1 year, he would give her the vineyard which worth about 20 billion won. So given her money minded character, she went and alot of interesting things happen and in the end she grown attached to the vineyard and fell in love with Oh Man Seok who is a worker in the vineyard (The guy in the picture). This drama teaches you more about growing grapes and also how patient and hardwork will lead to good outcomes.

4.5 Out of 5 Stars. (Must watch!)

Lancaster praised Jesus at 3:55 PM

Monday, May 14, 2007

Class Video

Apologizes to Siti and Mei Shan because I can't get hold of your photos. Try to send to me and I can include inside too!

Hope you peeps enjoy!

Lancaster praised Jesus at 2:15 AM

Friday, May 11, 2007

Glory Glory Man Utd!


A newcastle fan got so fedup with the team and threw his season ticket away.

Return our trophy to us!

Manchester United's Son Prodigy, WAYNE ROONEY!

Manchester United's Number 1 Goal Keeper. Saves from Darius Vassell and he is the HERO!

Lancaster praised Jesus at 2:45 PM

Class Reunion Photos

This is my class chatlet photo. Haha, so great to once again be together with the class!

Lancaster praised Jesus at 10:24 AM

Thursday, May 10, 2007

This is the most satisfying picture to look at for today, we are the champions.

Lancaster praised Jesus at 1:39 PM

Thursday Thursday

Woked up late as usual (but not late for work, just too late to catch the bus), headed down to catch a taxi (prayed to God on the way that I can meet a Hyundai Sonata Taxi), and so I cross the overhead bridge and walk down the steps and walking to the side of the road and a Hyundai Sonata Taxi just appeared in front of me. The Sonata Taxi don't usually pop up at my place and thank God for providing me a comfortable journey to work, dear God, you are my sole provider!


I wanted God to know more of God's plan for me, so yesterday night's QT i decided to read the book of Revelations (didin't take a long time to complete), and read about the seals and the plagues that mankind is going to suffer and how God is going to truimph in the end. After reading this book, I have became more God fearing upon reading all the disasters and plagues.

I prayed to God about my intention of going to be a backup singer, and to tell me if I am not ready, and today I got a clough. Haha, perhaps its still not time yet. But i will continue to walk and see what God have in store for me.

Thank God!

Lancaster praised Jesus at 10:56 AM

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Many Many Pictures

Qamarul invited me to his workplace colleague's house to have dinner. This colleague is from nepal and he used to be a teacher there, the reason he came to Singapore to work is because the pay here is 5 Times higher. His cooking is superb, vegetable curry, special marinated chicken and chicken wings, curry cauliflower (taste superb) and lots lots lots of rice. Really great to know such a good cook! Would like to meet him again!

This is Michelle my colleague at IDG communications. She is currently waiting to get into uni and She is from Charis Methodist Church (My boys brigade church!). I don't look good here. Haha

These two girls are Lynette (black) and Rachel (white). This photo is taken on their last day of work and so took photo with them! Our office is really empty.

This is my two male colleagues working together, these two are really hilarious and really great to have them as friends in the office. The one in grey is Terence and the one is black is alaric.

Last day of lynette and Rachel so we went to Fish and Co to have lunch at parkway parade. The three girls in the photo.

This guy claims to be jonathan leong's vocalist, his name is call terence! Talk alot of nonsense too! Nowonder jonthan leong lost, Haha. Joking Lah, I know you can sing and play the guitar.

Guys, this is my latest favourite singer, her name is call Tong En. She is a taiwanese pop singer and also she sings some Christian songs in english!

Lancaster praised Jesus at 10:28 PM

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Boring @ work

Actually i quite prefer my new job over my previous job because i have more 'freedom" in this job, and my job is pretty simple, just call, call and call.

And I have my own workdesk and laptop computer. Pretty good working environment to be in, but unfortunately, this is just temporary job and I am going inside army soon!

Work up late today and took a cab down to work! It cost me $12, because there was a jam at ECP all the way to ubi exit. Haha, sigh.

Reviewing the goals I had set at the beginning of the holidays.

1) I brought 2 books wrote by christian authors but only managed to read 1 of them and still not complete and the other one just one tenth of it. Haha, hope to finish reading it before i enter NS.

2) Brought one friend to church (targeted 5), his name is John and I am glad he is quite enthusiastic about my church. Haha

3) Hoping to go for a small vacation before I enter NS but have to consider whether do I have enough $.

Haha, life is pretty good for me!

Sheparding from Eilton is definately a new experience and I hope to listen to more of Gods word through him, he is also definately a caring shepard as he calls me up and chats with me to find out more about my updates and also reviewing my contacts that I bring to church.

My new caregroup is also a new experience because I have a new group of cg mates and the way we conduct CG is also bit different and I am enjoying every part of it.

My prayer from God has really been coming through the months. I have been praying to God to use me to glorify his kingdom and to spread the gospel. And I had met up with one of my friends who has rashes and I prayed for her and she recovered! Amen! God has been using my very often in his kingdom. Took part in the cast for whokilledsanta2 (a youth dna event) and being one of the characters in the game. Next I became a core team member of my Caregroup and helped to organise games and make a good start to our CG weekly. Coming on, I went on to help in the organising of the gen-next 07 camp (campfire) and learnt also from it too! I am not done yet, then I managed to get into the info-counter ministry at hope church for tertiary session and I am loving every part of it now. The last one I did was to do hosting for urban groove 2 with pei xin and I was not very familar with it at the start but my competent partner helped me through the journey and accomadate alot to my mistakes told me where I can improve. Looking back at all these, woah how much I had completed in 8 months of being a christian and God, I am proud of the things you had done through me and I hope to do more for you because I had dedicate dmy life for you since the day you performed miracles for my mum and remove her of her sickness. Dear God, you are the greatest of all! King of Kings! And above all!

My next task would be the audition for being a backup singer, can't really be a backup singer for now because still not in the core team yet but I promise and I am determine to keep growing and I have that vision that one day I will sing for church you know in tertiary service. Now still thinking what kind of songs to sing, and need to find the lyrics soon to practise it!

You know the interested thing I had found out from all the temporary staff working with me in my office?

1 is form City harvest church, 1 is from emmanuel pentecost church, 1 is from chairs methodist church, 2 are from another catholic church and I am from hope church! Woah! Simply amazing!

Lancaster praised Jesus at 11:30 AM


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