Monday, September 29, 2008



Just now on my way to buy ticket for the show "painted Skin", I bumped across this shop selling pies call pie kia. I think the name is very creative and the aroma of the ham, cheese, mushroom and bake crust diffused into the space of air I was breathing and hooking me to the shop to take a look. And guess what, there is a promotion! A big pie for only $1.50 and the usual price was $2.80. Brought one to try first then after finish it, I brought another one. Haha and ate finish it too.

I would like to recommand the ham and cheese pie!

Lancaster praised Jesus at 10:02 PM

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday Service


I attended the sunday service yesterday and our church invited pastor simon eng, a church elder from the hope movement to teach us about tent making.

In short, tent making simply means going to another country to work or to set up a business but at the same time doing God's work, which is to plant churches and to evangelise. This model is more effectively in a sense the mulitplication is faster compared to the conventional missionary model whereby the church will support the missionary to the foreign land. In this tent making model, the missonary him or herself have to work to support their own funding and therefore enabling the church to focus more resources on other expertise.

Attended service yesterday with donovan, bing quan, john and bin hao and liting's caregroup! After service we went to le meridian to have our lunch and we sat there for quite some time to chit chat even after we have finish our meals. Got to know bin hao even better and also lost to donovan on our winning eleven! Haha. Liting also kept laughing at my saying i am winnie the pooh. Haha

After that, bing quan, bin hao and I went to watch bangkok dangerous. Its a pretty decent show but I would not watch it a second time because it is quite predictable. Haha. Then after the movie ends, timing wise is alredy 7 plus! haha. so we just parted and went home. However, I felt yesterday was very fruitful as I got to got to know bin hao and fellowship with bing quan and donovan even better. :)

Lancaster praised Jesus at 12:31 PM

2 Years Anniversary to this Blog?

Haha, the age of this blog is close to the age of my spiritual journey. Haha. It was two years ago whereby I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my lord and saviour and also it was 2 years ago whereby I created this blog. Haha. Cool Analogy?

I spent quite some time reading my past entries and I am scared of myself. I am scared of how vulgar and self centered and jealous I was in the past. I decided not to cover up my unglamarous side because I want to show to the people around me how the Lord has change me throughout these 2 years and my past blog entry can give you a idea of how I was like in the past and I hope this can be a testimony to people who have yet to have a relationship with Christ. :)

Lancaster praised Jesus at 12:15 PM

Friday, September 12, 2008

reflection for myself

i got an a for my audit! Hooray! Thank God for answering my prayer when i was so exhausted at the point of time preparing the stores and document and the dip of strength u gave me was sufficent for me to tide through.

Recently, i have encountered this problem of mine. I have been angry at times. Why so? Frankily speaking is because when someone needed help frm me, i try to put myself in the person's shoe and put out the best i can offer to help because if i want to do something, mights well do it with quality or esle dont it at all. So when i require help back at times, these people dont put me in their pirority like the way i treated their problems, and dont give me a satisfied answer. :( i tried to give myself an audit too. Am i expecting too much frm then because i put in my best to help them and expect the same? Or i would nt have been so angry if i didint help them in the first place so when they treated me like tis, the impact will nt be so huge? But tis incident will nt stop me frm putting my best into helping others but just frustrated at times.

Lancaster praised Jesus at 12:17 AM

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bombing of Events

Haha, why did I tittled my current blog entry a "Bombing of Events".

If you have realise, I haven't been blogging for quite some time due to the fact I have been quite busy lately due to camp and church activities with camp activities taking up most of my time.

Firstly, in camp I have been busy preparing for my internal and external audit. Making sure my store is in tip top condition and making sure all the documents are in place and these are not an easy feat as there are alot of things I need to do in order to be counted as a high and good standard by my superiors in camp. Firstly came the external auditors then came the internal auditors and most important, I want to thank God as for both audits, my store got a score of A, the best I can ever get for this grading. Whoohoo! Thank God.

Next time is my insurance module 9 exam, I took it like 2 weeks ago and before that I really need to make time to mug mug and mug. Its been since in poly last year that I last mug for my exams and didint expect that even in army I need to mug. When I was doing the exam towards the end, I cheekily peeked to the person beside me and he was at his last question and how this exam works in that when you finish all your questions you can just click end exam and whether you pass or fail will just come out and the person beside me click end exam, he failed. Suddenly, my heart felt very heavy and I told God this "God, I really do not want to fail because I don't want to re mug again and I really want to pass this time!" then whenever I do not know how to answer a question, I prayed to God awhile before attempting to answer the question again. And God is really faithful to me and I PASSED THE EXAM!

Lancaster praised Jesus at 2:23 AM


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